About Fifty-Seven Fifty


If you win just 57.50 percent of the bets you place, you can come out ahead…

With sports gambling becoming legal in more and more states sports betting in a boom industry.

If you want to have an edge these days you have to know more than just sports.  You need to understand probabilities, analytics, and advanced odds making.   These are all things that computers are very good at.

We are sports fans first and foremost.  We are also total nerds.

We write code that uses state of the art machine learning and big data to create custom, predictive, sports analytics systems.

We use that information to choose the most advantageous sporting events on which to place wagers.  Right now we are perfecting our formulas for both pro and college football.

If you are interested in using cutting edge techniques to increase the success of your legal sports betting this year contact us here.

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